Protect Your Child's Hearing!

These days almost all children under the age of 12 have some kind of phone, tablet, or a device that can play music, watch TV/movies, or play games. More and more parents are unaware of the permanent dangers that can occur by not buying your children headphones or ear buds that are made and specifically designed for kids.

As humans one of the most important senses we have is hearing. It is also one of the easiest senses that can damaged both temporarily and permanently. Children don’t realize it but they tend to gravitate to want to listen to things louder than adults. And if your child’s earphones or headphones are made and designed for adults who are able to withstand louder decibels for longer periods of time, then you may be damaging your child’s ear permanently This may in turn which have an impact on their social interactions and/or wellbeing.

In fact, if a child listens to more than one minute of a music concert at 125db, their ears start to hurt and pain begins. The sound chart below will help you understand safe levels and the maximum time period associated with each sounds.  The easiest way to ensure that you are keeping your kids' ears protected is to buy earmuffs that can help reduce the damage caused from attending a race car event, motor show, or rock concert etc.

hearing chart sound chart kidnect

If your child wants to listen to music, watch movies or play video games and you want to make sure that they are using good quality ear buds that is made for them, then please check out our ear buds with an in-ear comfort design. Our earbuds allow your child to listen safely to music for up to 6 hours continually without damaging the ear and risk causing permanent hearing loss and tinnitus.

Our Kidnect® Ear Safe 4 Kids® buds are the perfect way to keep your child’s ear safe while they are still able to hear their surroundings.  You don’t have to shout as loud to get their attention. The parent and kid approved designed has 3 sets of silicone ear cushions which allows for a comfortable fit for any age. We also include a travel case so your child can neatly store their ear buds when not in use.



October 27, 2015