About Us

About Worldnect


Our Mission

Worldnect® has been creating, developing, and distributing leading technology solutions since 2003. Our mission is simple. We create quality products, keeping you and your loved ones’ safety in mind. We are committed to great value and outstanding customer service.


Worldnect ® is constantly striving to develop products that anticipate the change in this rapidly changing technological environment. Our research and development team has over 25 years of experience in the consumer electronic industry and understand what functions and features are important modern day families.

Our Service

Worldnect® is committed to ethical business practices and conduct. We treat our customers with respect, provide excellent customer service and appreciate ongoing relationships. We value our customers’ feedback and will promptly address any customer service issues. Our tech-xperts are here to help.


There is a social responsibility as a manufacturer while designing, producing, selling and delivering our products that we recognize and adhere to. We take pride in creating products that minimize the impact on local and global environments. Practices are implemented to protect our health and the environment by conserving natural resources and designing and manufacturing goods with the highest standard in place. We encourage all of our employees to be mindful of our environment.

Our Website

We want our all of our customers to have an enjoyable and effective experience when visiting our site. We will ensure our customers’ privacy by not sharing information with any third party correspondence.